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PARTNERING FOR A CAUSE is a creation of FocusOn Magazine. Our purpose... to bring awareness to organizations the need your help, whether it be your time or your donation, when partnering together we can help those that help others.

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No - one ever became poor by giving,    -Anne Frank

At the Apple Tree is a Facebook Group page started by Darlene (Conoyer) Fischer.  The group page and Chasing the Dragon (true stories FocusOn Magazine)  deal with drug and alcohol addiction.  Darlene is passionate about helping those struggling with these demons.

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The SCC Sports Zone with Pat Callihan brings you a wide variety of sports in St. Charles County from High School Athletes to the State and  National scene. Pat knows sports and can go toe to toe with the best of them. Join him in our forums, read  his articles in FocusOn Magazine an here at the SPORTS ZONE Online. 

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